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2009 Ford F-150 - need steering wheel diagram to fix snap ring

I resently had rack an pinion replaced on my F150 ! snap ring broke! Because of this, Ilossed cruise control seat belts an air bags. Iwant to fif this myself but I CANNOT fine a diagram of thye steering wheel

You can either see if the dealer will sell you a factory service manual, that could run $200 easily or you can get an All Data subscription for your truck for one year at less than $50.

Sounds like the clock spring broke, you shouldn’t need a diagram to find the clock spring. You should have someone familiar with passive restraints repair this.

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You can gain access to that information for 20 bucks here.


Does the steering wheel need to be removed to replace the rack and pinion?

And the instructions for reassembling components is often, “reassemble in reverse order of disassembly.”

And Also, Ford upper steering column bearings have been a weak link for all the years that I have been getting my hands dirty patching up automobiles. For years I stocked the industrial generic replacement and whenever I repaired a signal light or lock cylinder I replaced that bearing to avoid a comeback when the old bearing failed.