Antique Ford F-100 frame schematic

I recently bought a 1967 Ford F-100 step side pick-up that the prior owner had started to restore. Lots of work was done before I got the truck. Body work has been done and the truck was painted. The 240 cubic inch 6-cylinder runs great and I?d had no trouble with the 3 speed manual transmission or rear end.

It?s a very basic truck that should be fun to own and useful for light duty, i.e., going to Home Depot, fishing, etc. A great many replacement parts are available for the truck and I figures I could fix almost anything on the truck as long as the frame was good. Anyway, no one would do the work already done on the truck if the frame was bent.

Well, I am now looking for a frame schematic for the truck. I?ve taken the truck to a frame shop that can straighten the frame if they have the frame schematic. However, they?ve been unable to fine. I recently bought a complete set of the original 1967 Ford pick-up truck shop manuals. There?s lots of good information in them but no frame schematic. I?ve even contacted a friend who works for Ford but haven?t had any success finding a schematic.

Does anyone know of other avenues to try?

I think these are the people you should be asking.