Best car customizing software?

I have a 1990 Ford F150 XLT Lariat. I’m wanting to customize the looks of it. Kind of likes Ken Block’s Hoonitruck. But I can’t find a single website that has my model of truck, or even anything like it. Does anyone know where a good website or app is for this? I want to be able to lower and paint it at very minimum.

You are making this too difficult. Find local shop that will lower the truck properly . I don’t know if you can do the work but I don’t think so . As for the paint just decide what color you want and you want pinstripmg , flames or what ever.

You mean to experiment with different options like Sketchup or something?

Are there suspension differences between the XLT Lariat and the other F150s? I’d guess not, except for 2WD and 4WD.

Yes, pretty much. Just more like Forza Horizon 4. Where everything is already there and easy to use. I don’t mind having to import a model either.

I want to do a lot to it. I don’t want to commit and do something to it if I don’t know what it’ll look like.

Put together a list of the mods, and search for each one. I doubt any one place will have the parts needed for all of them.

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I’m seeing dozens of links on Google for a 90 Ford F150 Lariat. Utube repair help, trucks for sale, parts for sale, etc. What sort of website are you looking for? Do you mean a website about how to modify the appearance of that particular make/model/year? If so, I doubt you will be able to find such a site, the application is too narrow. There exist dvd’s, books etc on classic vehicle restoration, hot rod techniques, body & painting techniques, etc. My local bookstore has some of them, as does my library. Google to find a source maybe. Do you watch the tv show Counting Cars? If not suggest you tune in b/c they often do these sorts of truck restorations.