In need of a little help, 2000 Dodge Dakota 4x4

I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota 4x4 with 137000 miles. The issue I am having is the truck is dying on me when I come to a stop. I can usually avoid it dying by letting off the break as soon as I am coming to a complete stop, which apparently allows the RPMs to go up a bit. If I am unable to prevent it from dying, it will usually start right back up from neutral or park. However, within the last week, it took a few minutes to start back up. This leads me to believe the problem is worsening. What could the issue be?

If it is indeed related only to the braking in gear, I think I would be looking for a vacume leak in the brake canister or the hose to it. Try putting it in neutral and braking to see if it does the same thing or not to isolate it strictly to the brakes and not a low idle or something.