02 Dakota 4.7 liter problems

I have an 02 Dodge Dakota 4.7 liter that is killing me. No codes and no check engine light. From a cold start it starts fine, but then runs rough. If I let it run for a few minutes, turn it off and try to restart it, it is very hard to start. Also, if I have it running and rev the engine above 3k rpm and let go of the gas it dies. It will idle without holding the gas pedal down, but will die after a rev. Fuel pressure and volume is right in spec. Have good compression, spark and injector pulse on all cylinders. I thought maybe a crank or cam position sensor, but either of those would usually throw some type of code. I thought IAC but it seems to be functioning properly. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Let the fuel tank drop to about 1/8 tank then add a bottle of Techron or BG 44K injector cleaner through it…It’s worth a try…

could be the MAP sensor needs to be cleaned. Mine gets goofy if I don’t clean it every 15-20 K

Check your coolant temp sensor. Also look for signs of liquid fuel in the fuel pressure regulator. If that checks out I would take a look at what the O2 sensors are doing if you can put it on a scantool. (I think I remember you having one). I’m just going on the fact that it runs smooth from cold start and then gets rough. So it may be having some trouble leaning out in closed loop or making it to closed loop.