2000 dodge dakota idle issues

cold start. engine starts but wont idle, just dies. rpms drop. restart same. must nuetral drop to get going keep rpms up until engines shifts then things are fine until next cold start. cleaned throttle, changed air filter, dry gas, injector cleaner, no warning signal, scans clean. 180k miles. anybody help?

Check coolant temp sensor, possibly air temp sensor. These will get the fuel air mix wrong until he engine is warmed up to the normal range. The coolant sensor can be a pretty easy fix.

The last Dakota that I know of that acted like yours turned out to be a bad TPS (throttle position sensor). It was an easy fix.

The problem might be with a defective Idle Air Control valve. The IAC valve is what controls the engine idle speed under all conditions. These IAC valves can become temperature sensitive where they fail to go to the proper position for the idle condition and the engine stalls unless you keep your foot in the throttle.

One way to check for this is, once the engine is idling, take the handle of a screwdriver and rap on the IAC valve. If doing this effects the engine idle replace the IAC valve.


Thanks Guys anything tricky about replacing the TPS or the IAC I should know?

Not really. They’re mostly pretty easy to get to and remove replace - if that’s what you need to do. A scantool will tell you whether the TPS is behaving itself or not. But you can also easily do basic tests with a voltmeter. At that point, a repair manual is your friend - $20 for a Haynes or Chiltons at an auto parts store, or Autozone’s free online manuals might have the specs. Of course, the basic line is pretty simple. You’ll have a 5V reference/supply to the TPS, a ground and a return signal that should vary from somewhere between about .5V (closed throttle) to about 4.5V at WOT. The change in between as you open it should be perfectly smooth and linear.

The IAC you should just start by cleaning (throttle body cleaner or the like) and checking its wiring/voltage supply.

no scan errors at all checking AZ websit thanks