In dash cupholder removal on a 2010-2014 toyota sienna

Hi, I found a quick fix for a stuck in-dash cupholder. I got a Pop Socket cell phone holder and stuck it on the cupholder drawer so I can push in and then pull the drawer out with the Pop Socket. It works great and saved a lot of time and effort. I was able to purchase a Pop Socket that is the same color as our Sienna and it looks like it was made for it. I haven’t had it on very long so I’m not sure it will continue to stick to the cupholder, but in talking with people who use the Pop Sockets on their phones they last a long time. I hope this helps.

Me suspect Guerilla Marketing.


Gee, I bought a 2011 Sienna back in May of 2010 when. the 2011 first came out. I didn’t know it had an in-dash cupholder. I now have a 2017 Sienna. I’ll have to see if it has an in-dash cupholder the next time I drive the car if I can remember. I suffer from Geezerits and when I first started driving and for the next 35 years, cars didn’t have cupholders. In fact, the early 1950s bottom of the line Chevrolets didn’t have ash trays. You had to buy the DeLuxe trimline to get an ashtray. Now, I find my 2017 Sienna doesn’t have an ashtray, but does have cupholders in the console. This is progress–we are supposed to give up smoking for drinking. I guess that is a good trade-off.

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I guess that really depends on what you’re drinking. :wink:

Its a smoker option now.My new Toyota doesn’t come with one

You could put ash trays in your cup holders!

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I remember the ashtrays that had a bean bag like bottom so they would stay put on the dash and not slide around. A good cross wind and the ashtray was cleaned for you while you drove.
Look out for that lit one that falls into your lap though.

This was when we had wing windows and floor vents that kept you a little cooler as you drove.

I think that they eliminated those two things to force future buyers to have factory air installed.
They knew that the maintenance of the AC would be a big money maker for the dealers.

That’s my opinion anyway!!!



I think wing windows went by the wayside because of aerodynamics and the push to increase gas mileage more than forcing A/C on people

With the legalization of marijuana, will auto manufacturers be replacing cup holders with pot holders?


Glad you got your cup-holder situation under control. If the suction device eventually fails, there are probably other more robust solutions available. You are welcome to post here for ideas in that eventuality. Best of luck

I’m over 30 so I don’t know what a pop socket is but I’ll google it.

It was kind of interesting last week we rented a Buick Encore SUV. I like to get acquainted and I opened up what sure looked like an ash tray on the left side of the steering wheel. Never got a chance to investigate further but it looked like it was plastic. I suppose they call it a coin tray or something, wink wink.

Pot holders! That’s where the ash tray in your cup holder comes in.

84 - 89 Corvettes had that! 2 cupholders OR you could insert an ashtray in one.