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Cup holder removal

how do i remove the front in-dash cupholder on my 2011 senna van. a coin fell behind it when it was open and now it wont close all the way. need to get to the coin and remove it. tks

First thing Monday call the dealer and ask. There maybe some tabs you can depress to disengage the holder from the track mechanism, or the the console may need to be disassembled. Unless you are pretty confident in your own ability to poke and pry you run the risk of doing more damage. It could be a tough choice.

tried all of your ideas except go to dealer. thats next tks

The procedure for that and where the fasteners are would be in the factory service manual. If you don’t have one, you can buy one, or maybe the dealer will let you take a look at it. They aren’t cheap but this is the kind of detail you get in the factory manual that is in no other publication.

The dealer’s parts department should be happy to print an “exploed view” drawing of the installation for you. I’ve requested and gotten them numerous times in the past for various things.

I looked in the service manual, it doesn’t show how the cup holder is disassembled. The manual only shows how the center panel assembly is removed. The center panel assembly is where the cup holder is located.

The deaker parts department will have access to the drawings that show the cup holder installation. I guarantee it.

Images from the parts catalog, #7 is the cup holder. Someone will have to get up close to the cup holder to figure out how to release it.