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Do you REALLY care about cup holders?

I’m astonished that the number and quality (?) of cup holders are now regularly included with auto reviews. There are some YouTubers who downgrade vehicles because their cup holders were too small. The very, absolute, last thing I consider when buying a car is its cup holders. When and how often are they used? Not while driving. When buying at a drive-through hamburger place?

I have 5 cup holders, the designers did not plan very well, if I put the car in park I smash my fingers or a cup right in line with the shifter.

Why aren’t they used while driving? As someone who’s had kidney stones, I certainly don’t plan to get dehydrated on the five-hour drive to see my dad.


Additionally, they can be used for a whole lot of things besides holding cups.

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Sounds like an unsafe practice. You’re not likely to get kidney stones from 5 hours without liquids, but if I was concerned about drying up while driving I’d take a bottle of water or gatorade.

When my wife and I use her car, we use the cupholders for our phones, and yes, when shopping for the next car, the quantity and convenience of the cupholders is a factor in our decision.


If you say so. I’be been driving for 70 years, and not once did I miss the car having a cup holder, or use one in a car that did. As Seinfeld would say, “There’s nothing WRONG with insisting you car has cup holders,” but I don’t get it. Different strokes.

I’d no idea people cared so much about cup holders. As I said, I wouldn’t pay an extra $10 if holders were an option. but I am apparently in the very minority. Enjoy your cupholders. It’s nothing personal.

Only five? Couldn’t you afford a good car?

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Trust me… you are in the minority in regard to this “issue”.

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I’m new to this, how do I reply to a post so my reply appears under that post, not at the bottom of all the posts?

Thank you

I know I’m in the minority (now). It was more of an observation than an issue, to talk–not argue–about.

I’m not arguing, and–hopefully–you have learned that most people don’t share your views.

Cannot be done. One per passenger is enough for me, though if there are 18 it does not mean it is a better vehicle imhop

I don’t know if it’s “most people,” most Cartalk subscribers, most Cartalk subscribers who care enough about cup holders to reply to comments, and it doesn’t matter. My next car will have cup holders, and if the past is prologue, I’ll never use them. In your car, they’re apparently a necessity. O.K.

What does matter is “I’m new to this, how do I reply to a post so my reply appears under that post, not at the bottom of all the posts?” Can anyone help with this?

Something that I learned many decades ago is…
Never say “never”.

No, they are not a necessity, but they are a very nice modern convenience, and I avail myself of them for stowing many things besides a bottle of water.

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I’ve owned about 15 cars and never used a cup holder, so my money is on never. But if I do, you’ll be the first person I’ll tell.

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While cupholders and the drinks in them are a distraction, they’re a minor distraction. I don’t talk to the drink, look at it for messages, or ask it for directions…


My wife uses one for a Tervis full of water whenever she drives. Any time we travel, we fill water bottles half full of water, freeze them, and fill up with water on top. 5 hours in the car and a good swig of water is a welcome respite. We use the cup holders, of course.