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In dash brake warning light and buzzer

I’ve replaced rusted out brake lineson my 1998 GMC Sierra 1500. I bled the system properly and every thing seems to run fine and brakes good. But the brake warning light stays on in the dash and buzzer is on. Could someone please help me on what to do to turn these off… Thanks Harleyman

Hmmm. There should be two things that turn the light on-emergency brake still activated, or low brake fluid level. In our 95 Olds, the brake light came on and the switch itself was internal to the master cylinder. I finally replaced the master. I think you can just unplug it at the master as long as you know it doesn’t work anymore. We got along just fine for many decades without the light.

Have you checked the float in the master cylinder?
Have you checked the setting on the parking brake?

I’m not specifically familiar with this vehicle, but on most vehicles either of these will trigger the brake warning light.

Thanks Bing. I checked the emergency switch today and it was sticking on . I sprayed it with contact cleaner and worked it a couple of times and it works fine now. Thanks Harleyman