Brake Warning Light on Dash - Wacko!

My GMC S15 1989 has a brake warning light that flickers off and on when driving. The brake fluid level is OK. All 4 wheel brakes were totally replaced last year.(pads,rotors trued, brake fluid and cylinders were overhauled. Driving mileage is about 3000/year. Brakes work fine. Stopping is uncompromized. Good pedal feel.

Does any have any suggstions why this dash light is flickering on/off?

Thank you

I assume that light also comes on to tell you that the parking brake is engaged, and if so, I’d say it’s probably the switch on the pedal malfunctioning.

Do you have a brake fluid resevoir w/a sensor that measures the actual fluid level in resvoir? If so, bobber at bottom may be partially jammed? Also find wires coming out of resevoir and do a wiggle test while someone eyeballs brake light. Fluid’s gotta be right up there at the line on some models. All else fails, maybe it’s the sensor in resevoir.

W/ignition off, pump pedal a few times to get rid of vacuum assist. Pedal should get hard as a rock as you push on it and hold. W/engine running one can get fooled by the vacuum assist. On the other hand, if you drive truck all the time I guess you’d know it if you had an abnormal pedal feel, but maybe try above procedure for jollies. I wish I could help you more.