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In a Pickle w/ 2001 Daewoo Lanos


I bought a 2001 Daewoo Lanos S Hatchback last year and a few months ago, the window regulator on the passenger side broke. I CAN’T FIND THIS FRICKING PART ANYWHERE!!

I’ve searched for months for hours on end looking for the replacement part and since Daewoo motors went out of business a while back, there’s no dealerships around.

It’s a manual window regulator/lifter that’s for a 3 door. I can find an electrical one, but that won’t work.

Please, any help is appreciated.

Get thee to a salvage yard!

Many salvage yards are networked with each other, so they can help you find a part even if they don’t have it in their yard.

My search came up with 3 part numbers at Amazon and at least one at Advance Auto Parts. Appears you need a part number 910-xxxx to verify if any of these fit. They do not look electric. I used Daewoo Lanos window regulator to find the listings.

Since the OP is not likely to find many Daewoos at a salvage yard (there just weren’t many sold in the US), there is another possibility. The Chevy Aveo (built by Daewoo) shares many parts with the Lanos, and it is just possible that window regulators are one of those shared parts. There also weren’t many Aveos sold, but the OP would be more likely to find a supply of Aveo parts at a junk yard than he would be to find a supply of Daewoo parts.

They have your window regulator here.