Should I buy a Daewoo Nubira Wagon?

Hey Everybody- Times are hard and I have to get another ride. Found a 2000 Daewoo Nubira Wagon- 31K original miles, great car checks out mechanically. It is dirt cheap. Did Daewoo ever straighten out that parts problem when they left the US? Still hard to get parts? Thanks Everyone

Only if you think an old Fiat would be too reliable and not teach you enough about car repair.

How dirt cheap?

In these days of globalization and all that, it’s not like you’re not going to be able to get parts at all (these and similar cars were sold in fairly large numbers overseas), but you may have to expect to wait days to weeks to get them in. That along with the fact that these weren’t really all that great of cars in the first place would make me pretty wary about it unless it really is dirt cheap and you can potentially deal with it being out of service for longer periods of time.

Only buy it if it is perfect condition and is less than $1500, KBB is about $2000. Parts can be an issue, depending on the part.

No parts. No deal. Bad reliability of supply. Where are you going to get side glass? How about sensors?

LOL thanks- the cars asking price is 2K - too bad about those parts I thought they worked that out -

Timing belt replacement is also required if never performed(more than likely case).

I usually see Daewoo cars on craigslist overpriced with a broken timing belt.

Reliability was never bad on Daewoo. Not sure what you are talking about.

MSN Autos says that there is an occasional problem with the cam sensor. But the repair cost is about $100. Other than that, they say all problems are infrequent. As for parts, you might be able to get them at a Chevrolet dealership. Daewoo is part of GM now. That division builds the Aveo, the successor to the Daewoo Lanos.