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Improve MPG

This is not a question…but an experience with HHO generator installed on my explorer. The Goverment test for my ford is 14 mpg city and 18 hwy. With my system I am getting 17 city and 24 hwy. With the correct system anyone can experience an noticable increase in MPG

C D Mitchell

Post some pics and establish some credibility,anyone can write any thing on the web,doesn’t make it so.


I went looking to see if this was a scammer. An attempt to open the C D Mitchell Company website will inject a virus onto your computer. DO NOT TRY TO OPEN.

C D Mitchell, if your are the same person you should be hunted down like te dog you are.

Thanks for the heads-up, MB.

Those who create and disseminate computer viruses are sick individuals, without question.

Has an impartial reviewer tested this system? If so, tell us who and we’ll ask them what they think. There’s nothing like a thumbs up from a disinterested party.

TO all who have replied to my MPG message. I do not build or sell HHO systems. I am a retired ASE Master mechanic. When I heard all the pros and cons of these systems I just wanted to see for MY SELF just what was true. I do not promote any HHO SYSTEMS. I did some research, purched and assembled the parts I thought were the best for my application. I spent about $400.00 for all the parts I needed to instal the system. I do not blame anyone for being suspicious. These days I take every thing I see, read or here with a grain of salt. I just wonder if anyone anywhere has some positive results wiyh these HHO systems.