I'm stuck! Something wrong with passenger rear wheel-- brakes, joint, or?

Something is wrong! My passenger rear wheel feels like it’s “stuck” even though the e-brake is off. Car starts and gets into gear fine, it just feels like that wheel won’t go anywhere. I don’t want to force it too much but I have put some effort into it (I used to live at the coast and sometimes parking on a hill the brakes would stick a bit at first). What could this be? It’s a 2-door 1990 Honda Civic.

I would bet that what you need is a brake job. The cylinder may be sticking, or the brake returne spring may be broken and jambed between the shoe and the drum, or something of that nature might be happening. At any rate, take it, or have it transported to a good mechanic and have him tear it down and see what the matter is. This could be dangerous.