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07 Honda Civic Cpe EX rear passenger wheel very hot

When driving, the car will decelerate faster than it should. When parked, if I touch the rim it is scalding hot. The degree of heat varies based on how far I’ve driven. I had a friend check to see if it was the e-brake cable corroded or something, he said it functions fine. The wheel did not turn though when he tried to turn it. He loosened something and got it to function seemingly normally for about a week but now I am having the same problem again. Also there is a ticking sound that comes from the wheel area after driving that goes away after about an hour.

considering how important proper brake function is to stopping a car, I would have a mechanic make a thorough inspection of your brake system. Offhand, it sounds to me like you have a sticking caliper.


Sticking caliper, collapsed rubber brake hose to the caliper, sticking or improperly adjusted emergency brake. Should be fairly simple for a shop to diagnose and repair. It’s unlikely to fix itself though, and could cause further damage, or an emergency-situation handling problem. So good idea to get this problem resolved with due speed. On a 12 year old vehicle might want to consider to replace the wearing brake parts (pads/rotors or shoes/drums) on both rear wheels at the same time. Use Honda oem parts.

Good diagnosis there btw OP, noticing just the one wheel was getting much hotter than the other.