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I'm looking for your recommendations on fuel injector cleaners

Which have you used and recommend? thanks a lot.

I have a slight ping that I get occasionally and when I added a cleaner it went away. it’s been a while since I’ve done this and for the life of me I can’t recall which product I used!

Vehicle is a 98 Tahoe with 77,000 on it.

Sea Foam is an excellent engine treatment that will burn off carbon deposits that may be causing detonation (pinging). Run a can of Sea Foam through the engine (follow instructions).

The stuff works. Read customer reviews below.

But if Sea Foam doesn’t do the trick for you then you may need to run higher octane gas.

I’ve had luck with Techron (for the '95 Suburban I used to have).

I have been using BG44k for years on my cars. It is the only one recommended by the independent BMW shops I have used.

Seafoam or Chevron Techron, whichever is on sale at the time.

Ed B.

Note that the ping you’re getting may be from combustion chamber deposits, not the fuel injector. But any of the above will help some with that, too.

If it gets worse there is a combustion chamber cleaning procedure a shop or the dealer can do.

Techron in the tank, Seafoam sucked into the intake. Techron cleans my fuel level sensor and injectors. Seafoam cleaned out 100,000 miles of deposits in the combustion chamber. Techron is easier, just add to the tank before you fill up.

BG Products 44K is unsurpassed…

With pinging involved you should also consider that the EGR ports are clogged to some degree.

Not trying to dissuade you from trying a fuel injector cleaner, it might well work. But it’s also possible by adding the cleaner before you changed the octane rating of the gasoline, and that’s what reduced the pinging. If your engine uses a knock sensor, probably should have that tested. I’m assuming you’ve already checked the ECM for any stored or pending diagnostic codes. And that the pinging didn’t start immediately after disconnecting/reconnecting the battery.

my shop teacher claimed when he worked in the fuel lab techron was the only one that noticibley worked but thats coming from him. techron is what i use also

Rather than BG44k being superior to its competition, doesn’t its success have more to do with the added financial incentive the sellers get from pushing it?