Recommendation needed, Fuel Injector Cleaner



Can anyone recommend an effective and SAFE fuel injector cleaner to be added to the gas tank.

A brand that with more than one use has not had any negative effects on the rest of the fuel delivery system?

Car: 2000 Hyundai Accent, manual trans.

Any and all help will be appreciated.



I like to use seafoam. It is available at NAPA or Autozone.


Seafoam is excellent. Techron, made by Chevron is also very good. The more common ones, like STP fuel system cleaner, are essentially useless, IMHO.


Chevron Techron is the only one I use, but I only use it once or twice a year, mostly to remove any moisture from the gas tank. There is NO need to use a fuel system cleaner more often than that.

The gasoline you buy has fuel system detergents in it, and under normal circumstances there is no need for any additional cleaners.


Word of advice, use the same gas station as much as possible. This will help you from picking up crud from an unknown stations tanks. Has worked for me for many years.


Tom and Ray from Car Talk recommended Chevron Techron in one of their columns. I throw a bottle in my cars once a year or so. My mechanic has a “Motorvac” fuel system service that supposed to clean the fuel system, injectors, valves, etc.

The service runs about $100 - 120. There’s fairly divided opinions on the usefulness of these types of fuel system cleaning services, but I have it done on every 40k as preventive maintenance.

Ed B.


ok – thanks guys!


I would recommend Seafoam, but why do you want to use any at all?  With modern cars and fuels adding a cleaner to the gas is very seldom needed or useful.


It’s because I’m having a de-cell miss or hesitation or stumble. Noticeable more often in summer,or after engine is off a while (heat soak).