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Fuel injector cleaner brand recommendations?

Should I use fuel injection cleaner? If so, what brand?

I like Techron. It has always served me well. Seafoam, too.

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Tom and Ray would recommend Techron, too. It’s one of the very few brand name recommendations I recall them making.

The OP can count this as another vote in favor of Techron.

I’m going on a trip and I bought my bottle of Star-Tron from Wal-Mart. It’s for boats but it’ll work. The others are good. I used Sea Foam, Berryman B-12 and probably something else. Maybe Gumout but I just assume that many of them are the same stuff; various paint thinners mixed together. Star tron is good for warp drive engines.

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Are you looking for cleaner to solve a problem you’re having?

I never use fuel injection cleaner, and never had a problem where it would have helped.

My sense is the majority of drivers do not use it regularly.

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Most gasoline sold in the US have plenty of cleaners already in it. Unless you are having a problem no need to add any. I do add a bottle once or twice a year when I am about to take a long trip. I buy any of the brands mentioned above, I look for the best price. It probably does not do any good, makes me feel a bit better but does no harm either.

Don’t waste money on fuel injector cleaner

Just fill up at top tier filling stations . . . Costco comes to mind, in case you’re a member

Not unless you are having a fuel system related symptom.

Well, he didn’t even say if he has any problems at all