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I'm bad with car repairs and want to know if I'm getting ripped off

So I have a small dent on the front quarter panel on my car, right above the wheel well. I checked with a shop to see how much it would cost and they quoted me 800$, but a friend told me they should just have to go in through the mud guard and tap it out from there. Please lmk if I’m getting ripped off or if I should just pay the fee.

Have you asked a paint-less dent repair service how much it would cost?


No I have not but I’ll give it a shot, thank you!

I’ve done all my own body repairs - it shows. Try a few different places if you want to pay someone else. Check this site’s recommendations.

I’ve done my own body repairs on vehicles that too old to really care about looks. It was good enough for me. If the vehicle is only a few years old I’ll take it to a professional who knows what they’re doing and has all the right equipment and paint booth and spray gun. You can only go so far with aerosol cans of pant.

Get an estimate from a paintless dent repair shop.

This friend , does he really know what he is talking about ? Probably not . Friends and coworkers always are ready to give advice on any subject. You should always get more than one estimate and if asked how much it cost to fix just say it was not as bad as you thought it would be.


Paintless dent repair is dependent on the condition of the paint and the type of damage to the panel. A picture of the damage would help.

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Any small dent or scrape can easily run a 1000 dollars so 800 is not a rip off. There is far more to fixing a dent and mating the paint than you might think,.


The big cost is paint. The whole panel has to be prepped and painted if you want it to look right. Paint less repair is the way to go if it’s possible.

My daughter had a small dent in a rear door, not visible when dirty but could be seen when clean. We were not going to fix it until we saw a small crack in the paint. A reputable/reasonable body shop we used charged $1,500 (insurance covered most of it). If you can get a quality repair for $800 jump on it. If you feel it is too much, try a few other body shops for a quote. Quality body work, like quality mechanical repairs cost money.

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I bought a fancy paintless dent repair kit from Amazon. It worked rather well.

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