2000 Honda Civic Gear Shifting


Hi, I own an automatic 2000 Honda Civic and every time I drive it, it seems to have trouble changing gears…or at least I can feel the car shift. Is this normal or a Honda-thing? I changed my transmission fluid about a month ago and there’s no difference. Could this be just a honda-thing or something more? thanks.


I can feel all automatic transmission shifts except for CVT transmissions which don’t shift like the old style ones.


what exactly do you mean by “trouble changing gears?”

that you can FEEL it? that’s normal. unless it’s overly harsh. at what rpm do you “lift” to allow upshifts?


When I start from 0 and then shift to 1st gear, it shifts ‘hard’ and then from 2nd to 3rd gear, the RPMs go up to 3 sometimes ~3.5(on the RPM gauge) and so on. And I’ve noticed when I’m turning, slowing down to turn, the gears downshift hard and everyone in the car feels the car drastically shift gears. I’m pretty sure that’s not normal in any/every car. (I usually take my foot off the gas petal as I turn) maybe that’s why. I don’t know. Thoughts?


When you changed the transmission fluid did you try to use Dexron or Honda fluid. Go with Honda fluid.


these DO seem abnormal.

maybe Transman or other experts can help.


I have no idea what type of transmission fluid was used. I took it to a Transmission Mechanic.