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Civic Transmission Part 2

So, earlier I discussed the rough shifting in my 08 Civic LX with 6,000 miles on, bought new, and was taking it the dealer and wanted some info, was told to simply tell them clearly what the problem was.

As I expected, they wouldn’t fix anything. It’s like this: While driving in town in D-3,say, I can take my foot of the gas, let it coast a bit, then reapply: What happens is a delay and then a hard engagement back into gear.

The mechanic rode with me, I did it, I said, did you feel that?, and he said, “yeah, but that’s just the Civic transmission.”

Also, when slowing down about to a complete stop, but not quite, and then starting up again, the transmission can’t decide if it should be in “neutral” or in a gear, and finally goes into gear, but roughly, also.

Mechanic said that the computer control doesn’t know what to do, and then figures it out, and it’s normal.

So, is this, which I can live with, causing bit by bit damage to the transmission?

I suggest you drive another 08 Civic automatic from the dealer’s lot and see if it does the same thing. If they’re telling you this is “normal” they should be happy to demonstrate it.

I don’t think it’s normal. The computer should adapt much more quickly, and there shouldn’t be any delay. Computers work in microseconds, not seconds.