Illegal to Drive


I like the Garrison Keillor story about a man walking his small dog–I think the dog may have been a Poodle. At any rate, while walking the dog, the man came to a bar and decided to go in and have a drink. He put on his sunglasses and walked into the bar. The bartender yelled at him “You can’t bring a dog in here!”. The man replied, “This is my service dog. I’m blind”. The bartender yelled back, “Since when have Poodles been used as seeing eye dogs?” The man responded “Is that what the Foundation for the Blind gave me?”


I agree that deaf people should be allowed to drive. Their other senses are good enough even if not more highly attuned. As for the ear bud thing, maybe you’re not aware that with them in unless you’ve got the volume cranked you can still hear around you. Headphones are a different story. I finally bought a blue tooth ear bud set because the navagation system on my phone is worthless if you can’t hear the instructions. The speaker on my phone and I understand it’s common, isn’t for crap. Over 30 some MPH you can’t hear anything over the road noise. The hands free mode isn’t worth a darn if you have to hold the phone to your ear to hear the speaker. Besides, I’d rather have people using their phones hands free with earbuds than holding their phone to their head. There’s something about holding the phone that distracts people even more than having a hands free conversation on the phone. I don’t talk on the phone anymore than an emergency or sometime of serious importance. I do need the ear buds for map directions. I’d rather have them play through the car speakers but my car’s too old for that. It’s not an option for me right now. In the mean time I’ll be wearing earbuds when I’m using the map feature of my phone.


Actually, college and university presidents are $250,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 per year each, but your point is taken.


@Dakotaboy. You are quoting the retail price for college presidents. I was stating the wholesale price which is 10¢ a dozen.


Depends on the ear-buds. They don’t have to be cranked up that loud to drown out most noise around you. And to me that’s a very dangerous situation.


The ear buds I have, you have to have the volume cranked to not hear anything else. At least with the ones I have, I don’t see it as any more dangerous than driving with the radio on. If you’re blasting the radio, you’re more likely to miss something.


And even if they’re not cranked up, the sound from them can still make the wearer oblivious to noise around them.