Ignore the CEL?


Dissect our cows and probe our rears wil ya? Have we got something for you guys…we are gonna lock you up in Dayton Ohio for a few decades!

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I spent a month in Dayton one night.


I spent all of my early life there! Maybe that explains a few things, I dunno…

Technically, Wright Patterson Air Force Base is not actually IN Dayton despite many attempts by the city to annex it to grab the income tax from its 20,000 workers most of whom don’t live in the city.

I was only in Dayton once in my life, after a hook-up with a girl in Cincinnati. She was from Dayton, and she said that she and her friends drove to Cincy on weekends, because it had much more to offer than Dayton.

On the drive back to Dayton with her, I was so focused on… let’s just say… other things that I drove for most of the distance on I-75 in second gear. Luckily my Charger didn’t have any lasting effect from my abuse of it.

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I like their motors.

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Notice the headquarters are in Chicago…

But, National Cash Register was a Dayton-based company, and they were an industry leader in their day. Sadly, NCR later changed hands a few times, is no longer based in Dayton, and is no longer the industry leader that it once was.

And, just to keep this on an automotive footing, Charles Kettering–who later helped guide GM to success–was the early sparkplug for NCR’s success. Now, his fortune–along with that of another GM genius, Alfred Sloan–helps to sustain Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Hospital in NYC


Charles Kettering helped NCR with product development creating 23 patents for them in only 5 years working there before he left to form Delco in Dayton with Col. Deeds.

Delco was formed to sell ignitions to GM and later encouraged to develop their ideas for the electric starter system for Henry Leland’s Cadillac.

GM later bought Delco and put Kettering in charge of GM’s research labs.

Kettering also endowed Kettering Hospital in Kettering, Ohio and a number of other charities in the Dayton area.

NCRs founder Patterson, Kettering, and Deeds names feature prominently in the area.

I went to a Sams Club there once but usually just drive right through. Until Ohio, I’d never really heard of cities actually imposing income tax on residents.

At any rate that cartoon must have been done by a young’un. They never had, nor had a need for check engine lights back then or even up through most of the 70’s or later. You didn’t need a computer to tell you something was out of normal operating parameters.

I’m not familiar with their planet, tell me more.


Funny guy. Like they said, you should be on stage.

How parochial, to assume that aliens visiting us in a spaceship in the 1940s wouldn’t have more advanced technology than us, like computers or check engine lights. :roll_eyes:

I went to a reception in the air and space museum there one night. That museum is fabulous.

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I was in Utah in the early 70s, my boss transferred in from Wright-Patterson. He had written a few programs on the old mainframe computer. He took us over to the time sharing terminal in Utah to use the program, we went Wow, it talks to you.
Back to UFOs, in the late 80s, when I was stationed in the Mojave desert we had a F-117, still top secret, crash east of us, of course much UFO speculation.