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My car won’t start. When we turn the key, it just turns very easily- no resistance. But the car doesn’t start. The radio and dash lights come on, and it won’t turn off, so we have to disconnect the battery.

We can start it with a screwdriver, but we can’t turn it off again unless we disconnect the alternator and battery.

We have replaced the cylinder where the key goes, and the switch under the steering column. Neither of these worked.

It’s a 96 Taurus.

We can’t find anything about what makes an ignition cylinder super loose.

You may have to change the ignition lock assembly now. It’s the thing that the lock cylinder fits into.

Look at Fig. 2, on this link: On the end of the ignition lock is a tang. See it? The dee-shaped hole that tang fits into is probably worn out. If so, you’ll have to replace that. For the instructions on how to do that, you’ll need a repair manual.