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i have a 1995 chevy cavalier and it wont crank over i have brought a new ignition module controller,coil pack and a new crank sensor and it still want start what shall i do next?

does this vehicle have the rotary eng,turbo eng,BIG block eng,RADIAL eng,JET eng???

please tell us what we are working with. eng size,trans, ect


Well, if your pockets are deep enough, keep throwing parts at it, and you’ll find the answer.

Or, save some money and do a proper diagnostic. Check for spark at the cylinders. If OK, rule out the ignition system. Check for proper fuel pressure. Is this TBI? Remove the air cleaner, and check for fuel flow from the injector. Is it multi-port EFI? Use a fuel pressure gauge at the test port.

If all checks out, then check to see if the distributor is moving. Remove tha distributor cap, and see if the rotor turns when cranking. Then check the base timing. If it is way off, you may have an issue with the timing chain or belt.

What exactly does it do and not do? If it won’t crank over then why would you work on an ignition module, coil pack or crank sensor, that might be a battery solenoid starter cables etc.

OK you turn the key… Does the starter turn the engine? Is there any sound? Does anything happen? Do the lights dim? etc.

yes its sounds like it wants to start up but it just want catch.the loights and radio works well but i dont understsnd why it want start.