2002 Cavalier F code wont start

So i hace an 02 Cavalier 2.2L vin F that will not start. I have rebuilt the starter and tested good. I replaced spark plugs coil packs ICM battery and cleaned fuel injectors. Fuel lime pressure checks out fine. It turns over and seems as if it wants to start but jist gives up and refuses to start. Im pulling my hair out trying to diagnose this. I have not tried to push start yet as itvis a standard transmission. Other parts that are new are the transmission, clutch, thermostat, water pump, timming chain, purge canister, fuel cap. Ive checked all fuses as well and all are good. Anybody have an idea of where i can go from here? And scrapping is not an option. 120k miles

Does it lack spark, or compression, or fuel? An easy first step is to spray some starting fluid into the intake and then try to start it.

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Going to grab some starting fluid today and try this. But i have plenty of fuel in the tank and have tested fuel pressure which states that its in spec for my vehicle. Not sure on the compression. And ive never had this kind of issue so im not all that knowledgable on tests that can be done as far as testing for spark. Not sure how to do that.

A bad crank sensor will prevent the engine from starting.


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Good info and at least the parts cheap. Looks like ill have to pull the starter out to get to it based on some vids ive watched. Yay!

Was any work done on the engine just before this cranks-but-won’t-start problem happened? The starter spray idea is a good test. My guess it won’t start w/starter spray either, and the problem is either no spark, or poor compression. Poor compression not necessarily piston rings, could be caused by faulty timing chain install, lining up the timing marks incorrectly etc. Me, I’d do compression test first, rather than removing starter to replace crank sensor.

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