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1996 Cavalier won't start

I have a 1996 chevy cavalier 4-door. It is a 2.2 auto. I changed the passenger side cv shaft and now it won’t start. I have lights it won’t turn over. I put a new battery in no luck. Any suggestions.

In the olden days we would use a jumper cable from the pos of the battery, hit the ps stud on the starter motor and see if it flies. If it does you only have a few connections to check,

Clean your battery wire connectors at both ends including two ground connections at the bell housing.

may be totally unrelated but there is a wiring harness that runs under your battery tray,sometimes if you have a battery leaking acid it will get on and in that harness i would check there.why it occurred after changing axle,could just be a coincidence and may not be the problem at all but i would check it anyway doesnt take that long.

I have lights it won’t turn over.

Define what YOU mean by turn over.