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Ignition switch replacement causes blinker failure

I just had the ignition switch replaced on my 2001 Toyota Sequioa. Now my blinkers work but will not shut off after I complete the turn. Additionally, the blinker “stick” is very hard to move in either direction. I plan to take my car back to the dealer and politely request this blinker repair be warranty work. Can anyone give me some expert opinions to back up my theory that the dealer caused my blinker malfunction? Thanks!

Your ignition switch is in the dashboard, not on the steering column. There is some plastic panels to remove to change the switch, but I don’t see how that should affect the blinker stalk. I would take it back to the shop with your complaint - but I don’t see how the switch change if done properly would affect the stalk.

By the way I have an '01 Sequoia and I had the lower dash panel on the driver’s off earlier today to put the rear window switch back in place. That’s the panel they removed to change the switch. My guess is somehow the tech knocked a piece of plastic on the steering column out of position when doing the job.