Power window & key fob quit working

Our 2002 Sequoia is turning into the gift that keeps on giving and my wife is about to demand a new car. I replaced the motor 2 years ago and last year I replaced the track and weather stripping. I’m getting pretty good at removing the door panel.

Just this week the drivers side power window quit working along with the locks from the key fob. This seems to be intermittent, it didn’t work the other day but I just checked and it worked The power locks work from the button on the drivers side control panel and all the other windows work from the panel. (except the back window which hasn’t worked for years) When I push the drivers side power window button, I can hear two clicks.

Do you live in an area with high humidity and/or salty ocean mist?
I suspect corroded electrical connections.

No salty ocean mist, humidity is fair. We’re in Kentucky

Same thing happened on my Toyota years ago. Turns out the connector on the lock button can wiggle loose. This kills the power to the electric locks entirely, which is why the key fob didn’t work either. This isn’t necessarily what’s happening in your case, but it’s an easy check and fix if it is.

This is tough for me to say because I like to keep cars “forever,” but it’s just about that time. I’d be thinking about it.

15 years plus and counting is staring into the face of the inevitable. At this stage that Sequoia probably doesn’t owe you anything and the wife has been pretty patient.

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I’ll check this out. Did your power window stop working when the connector was loose?

Oh, we’ve been thinking about it very seriously. It’s in the plan for later in the year. I just don’t want to add a car payment just yet.

No, but on that particular car the window and lock wire bundles were entirely separate from each other.