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Dealer can't find the problem

I have a 2012 Toyota Sequoia.

The following issue has occurred 4 times in the last month but the dealer can’t replicate the issue or find a problem.

While driving:

  • A/C turns off
  • All lights on dash come on (like when it you would turn key to accessory mode)
  • Windows will not roll down

Engine is still running but once I put it it park, it continues to have the issue above and will not shift into R,N or D.

I will have to turn the engine off and disconnect the battery for several minutes. Sometimes even after waiting several minutes and reconnecting the battery, the same issues are present and it will not shift to RND. One time I sat for 35 mins and called a tow truck before it shift into drive after reconnecting the battery,

The first time I took it to the dealer they couldn’t not find an issue and I was able to drive it 2 1/2 back home with no problems.

A week later it happened again. The dealer replaced a battery terminal and cable.

Two weeks later it happened again. This time the dealer has know idea what can be causing the problem. I am just going to pick it up and wait for it to happen again.


It sounds like a problem with the Body Control Module in the vehicle.



Asked the dealer about this. Said there were know fault errors during that diagnostic testing so they don’t want to replace it with out cause.

They were still unable to replicate the issues and so just picked it up to see if it happens again at some point.

The problems you’re having count as “without cause”?

I thought one of the reasons you go to a dealer service department was that they’re supposed to be experts on their cars.

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