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Ignition Problems/Dead Battery

I have a 1999 Boxster that sits for relatively long periods of time without being started/driven (two-three months). Recently, I came out to a dead battery, and when I put the key into the ignition it went in really hard, and then after I tried to start the car the key wouldn’t come out. I finally got it out but now can’t get it back into the ignition. Any thoughts on what might be the problem? I bought the car used last year, thought I was getting an OK deal, but its been a headache ever since! Any thoughts would be gratly appreciated.

The lubricant may have dried up - try some light oil or graphite. Put it on the key then insert the key - squirting it directly into the lock is not usually a good idea because you end up putting too much in and it gets on things you don’t want it on. That may or may not be a problem.

If the car is really a headache - I’ll take off your hands :slight_smile:

If the car sits more than a week without being started, over and over, the battery life will be shortened, and there may be new start problems. Use a battery trickle charger to keep the battery up.