Key Stuck in Ignition/ Battery Drain

Hello! I?ve heard some great things about this forum and I was hoping I could get some advice on some problems I?m having with my car.

I have 02 Pontiac Grand Prix. I?ve been having a problem with the key sticking in the ignition. When I park the car, I can turn it off, but I can?t get the key out. It started happening infrequently a couple of months ago, but now it?s getting worse and it sticks almost every time I park my car. Does anyone know what could be causing this and if it?s an expensive problem to fix?

In addition to that, last week my battery went completely dead. I couldn?t jump start it, so I removed it and brought it in to the center where I bought it and they charged it for me. It?s died twice more on me since then.

Is there any chance the two problems are related? Could having the key stuck in the ignition draining the battery- even though the car (and lights, radio, etc.) are all off?


The key problem could be causing a power drain on the battery.

You need to get it fixed. I suggest a lock smith rather than a dealer as they are likely to charge less and likely the dealer is going to hire one to do the job anyway.

i had the same problem w my 2000 gp gtp i did some searching on internet forums and found this was a common problem. apparently something triggers an anti theft lock and the key will not come out. to get the key out there is a hidden button inside the steering column. under the bottom right side of the colum you will see a circular shaped cutout that you can pry out with a screw driver. once you do this u can push a pencil or something thin up the hole and push the button to release the key. fixing this correctly will cost a decent amount. a free fix is to take off the bottom peice of the steering column. i think it has 3 screws if i remember and use a twistie tie to hold the release button down. i did this to mine 3 years ago and havent had it happen since. just dependng on how you want to fix it.
i worked in an oil change garage and i was amazed at how many grand prix owners would show up with this problem and be perplexed that i gave them their keys when the job was finished.