Ignition kill wafer on 2000 corolla

Help! i have an after market installed by dealer, electronic wafer that you insert prior to starting the car. I lost my keys, have an additional key, but no additional wafer! So far, dealer is no help. don’t know manufacturer, dealer no longer uses system. How can I disengage it??

Yellow pages. Call an Automotive Security and Alarm specialist.

Thanks for a potential solution!

Is this a ignition kill or a starter disable system? The starter disable is much easier to restore.

I think it may be a starter disable. I am unsure.

When you turn the key does the engine crank but not start?. If the engine cranks but doesn’t start then your system is disabling your ignition,if it doesn’t crank then your system is disabling your starter.

The fix for both is to remove the “start” wire that goes into the security module and remove the “start” wire that comes out of the module and reconnect them (I suggest you use a solderess crimp connector of the correct size using the correct crimp tool)

Use the same technique if your system is disabling the ignition (just select the correct wire that has been interupted disabiling the ignition)

No cranking!! the starter must be disabled when the wafer is not in. Thank you for your information. I will look at those wires after work. You have been helpful!

If you can see a plastic box stuffed up under the dash. If you see one, get the name and part number and google that. It may cost $15 to $20 for the installation manual.