HELP Corolla ignition problem?



I have a 96 Corolla I purchased new. It now has 220,000 on it. I luv my Corolla. This is only the second time anything has gone wrong with it - it just now needs rear brakes. Anyway, I had a new battery put in about two months ago. Within the last three weeks, from time to time when I turn the key in the ignition, nothing happens. After a few tries, it starts right up. I took it back to have all the connections checked and they are all fine.

I am a single woman with just one car and I need to get this problem fixed. I don’t know what to do. Could it be the starter solenoid? Should I have a new one put in? If not the starter solenoid, what should I do? I’m afraid I might get stranded and have to have it towed, and I don’t have alot of money. Thank you.


Perhaps the problem isn’t with the starter or starter solenoid or battery cable connections (providing the shop removed,cleaned properly and replaced them wrench tight).

You could have an ignition fault, perhaps a worn key cylinder.


What is an ignition fault or worn key cylinder? How can that be diagnosed and is it something that can be fixed? I appreciate your reply, thank you.


Automatic transmission? If so, maybe the neutral safety switch is worn out.
Try shifting into NEUTRAL and see if it will start then. If it does, then the neutral switch is bad.

(The neutral switch is the device that prevents the engine from starting while the trans in in reverse or one of the forward gears.)


Thanks for your reply. Yes, its an automatic. How would I get it into neutral if it won’t start? I’ve tried that and it won’t come out of Park. Maybe I need to move the key to another position?
Could someone please tell me about an ignition fault? Is that the same thing as a starter solenoid?