Corolla starting problems

hi i have a 1999 toyota corolla and it has a new batter and cables. I just pulled the security system out which was aftermarket and now it wont even turn over. You turn the key on and the dash radion and everythig turns on. whne i try to start it the clock dies and radio dies and wont turn over any help??

I was a professional alarm installer for over 10 years…When you pulled the aftermarket alarm out…YOU DID NOT repair the cut starter wire. When you have an alarm in the car…the wire that engages the starter motor is physically cut in half…and when the alarm is properly installed…that wire is then hooked to a relay in order for it to be connected and disconnected at will…

When you disengage your alarm the relay “completes the circuit” of the starter wire…when the siren is going off…it breaks the connection to the starter wire…to prevent theives from being able to actuate the starter motor

You need to go under your dash and find the cut starter wire…which probably has the relay still attached and remove the relay and join the starter trigger wire back together either by butt connector or solder…

THIS IS YOUR ISSUE…and I Guarantee it…I have installed over 462 documented alarm systems…and about the same number of “undocumented”…LOL…so I’ve been there and done this a few times

There are a few different solutions for this …you can either just simply repair the cut starter motor wire with a butt connector…OR DO AS I HAVE DONE MANY MANY X…LOL…Go to a salvage yard and get a factory push button switch for an accessory that your car doesnt have…then snap that switch into where it would normally go in the dash…then hook that switch to the relay that controls your starter wire…what you then have is a STEALTH STARTER KILL… I.e…you need to push the “defrost button” in order to join the two ends of your starter wire…and then be able to start the car…People love when I do this for them… It a bit more insurance that no one will take your car in the city… you just push your sneaky starter kill button…and no one can turn the key and start your engine…lol…of course if they REALLY want your vehicle…its going bye byes…but hey I can play around cant I?


Go back under your dash and look at the ignition wire harness… It should be

12V Constant = White
Accesory = Blue/Red
STARTER WIRE = RED…This wire is cut in two pieces…join the ends back together…and go driving

The red wire may even have a relay assy hanging down off of it…you mite not have wated to disturb this or what have you…in any case…like I said…join the red wires ends back together and your good to go.

Or do my stealth starter kill…lol…the kids love that.


I agree with Blackbird. You can’t simply remove an alarm system and expect everything to work right. You have to repair the splicing that was done to install it to restore it to original operating condition. See if you can download an installation schematic for the alarm system you removed, then start at the end and work your way to the beginning to get the car back the way it was before this alarm was put in. I’ve done that before, and it works.

Usually the ONLY wire that actually gets cut is the starter wire…everything else is “Tap in” …so if everything else is working…like especially the door locks… then the only wire that needs mending is the Red starter wire… So your solution is here, what you plan to do with this info is up to you…


Shame that when we actually KNOW the answer to the OP’s questions…they dont seem to even care… How sad