Ignition kil switch

Can anyone suggest a simple ignition kill switch installation(including a set of instructions)for a Carolla in lieu of an expensive system such as the Ravelco, that sells for $400?

You can install a shut-off switch on the battery for just a few dollars. Your local auto parts store probably has one.

You can simply remove the fuel pump fuse or install a hidden switch in that circuit. The vehicle will not move under its own power…

What year?

If it’s a new car, playing with the systems may interfere with the car’s security and safety systems. You may inherit ghosts.

If it’s an old car, there are a number of simple alternatives including a kill switch in the power line to the fuel pump. That might even be the best option for a new car, as disconnecting the battery would cause you to lose your radio presets, perhaps even other things like the set for your tire pressure warning system, or perhaps even other stored settings.

Yes just put in a switch on the fuel pump wire. Find the right wire under the dash, and cut in a $5 rocker switch. Mount the switch somewhere convenient but not obvious. Turn it off and the car will crank but not start so they won’t go anywhere. They’ll get frustrated after a few minutes or the battery will run down but you’ll still have your car. This is the easiest simplest cheapest and most effective way to go. You might get some window damage but the car will still be there.

Thanks! Sounds like an easy solution.

Thanks. It’s my daughter’s car so is there an easy way to find the correct circuit?

It’s a 2006. How do I make sure I have the correct circuit?

Thanks. Looks like everyone has a similar approach. I just need to know how to find the correct circuit.

You find the correct circuit with a schematic and a voltmeter. And perhaps a friend with some electrical knowledge.

Unless you’re worried about someone who has a key stealing it, I wouldn’t worry about it. New cars are really hard to hot wire and so the more common mode of theft is with a flatbed. Any thief who’s sophisticated enough to bypass the chip-key system, etc is not going to be deterred by a simple kill switch.

Combined with the potential to damage things and adding just one more thing that can leave you by the side of the road, I wouldn’t bother.