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Ignition Bypass

1991 Ford Explorer. Reason I am doing bypass is because I removed 3 different security systems which I believe aere causing the car not to start. (Don’t know if I am right). Question is, what gauge wire to use, 12 or 14 or…? Also, do I just run the live wire out or…? Maybe this not a good idea and there are “dangers” I am not aware of??? Thnks.

How are you doing the by-pass? Using a separate aftermarket ignition system or simply trying to ‘hot-wire’ the existing system? The easiest way to check is by looking at the fuse that protects the system. I’d use 18-ga up to 15 amps, 14-ga to 25 amps, and 12 for up to 40 amps. These are assuming all the wiring is under the hood to under the dash. I always upsize the wire gauge if I have to go from under the hood to the trunk.

BTW, I do hope your using fuses or fused circuits for this. Without fuses, your looking at potential fires.

Did you steal this vehicle? I know, who would steal a '91 Explorer? But, you never know.

Why do you need to bypass three different security systems if you are the legitimate owner? This makes you sound fishy.

Your “Maybe this is not a good idea and there are ‘dangers’ I am not aware of” should be your first line of defense.

Stop before you make a mess of the electrical system.

Please explain the three (3) different security systems. We really want to know.

Fair question but no, it belongs to my ex. Reason for bypass is because it is the only reason I can think of to get the darned thing going. The ‘key’ used in the security system (car’s at her place so can list the systems when I am out there tomorrow) sometimes works and sometimes not. Problem is, I have bitten off more than I can chew.

Put in a new Starter motor and battery and no go. So figured I’d get rid of the security systems and bypass them.

Thanks for the heads up. Do require of me anything else that would assure you that I am not a thief? Think about it…May be an oxymoron, but it would take a stupid thief to post here.

It’s is for myself (probably others)I post no info that I know in regards to potentially beating a security system,this is a Public Forum.Don’t they have a TV show about dumb criminals?

I think the big question is does a '91 Explorer actually have that many security systems? I’m guessing not-- it’s too old for the computer chip key and I doubt if it was even available with any kind of factory alarm system that would cause it not to start. And any sort of aftermarket kill-switch type alarm should be simple enough to find and disable. There’s any number of other unrelated problems that can cause the truck not to start, though. What actually happens when you turn the key?

At one point I had to “steal” an 88 Taurus a friend had left to me after having lost all the keys for it. On that car at least, the only security features were the ignition lock and the steering column lock. For the record, I didn’t start messing with it until I had a title for the car in my name in my hand-- I never got pulled over in that car, but if I had there would have been some explaining to do!

If you are that concerned, why not report my information so law enforcement can come and check me out. This is not a site for ethics. Shoot here’s my phone # 530.355.1931. Report me and set your mind at rest. Or,just don’t respond. C’mon, get real.

Shoot, did’nt think about that. I am reasonably certain these are securuty related but also accept it could be something else. Things are simple when you know how. I am learning on the job as it were. Seems I am at the point to where I need to bite the bullet and take it in. One is Pro-Lock and the other is Steal Stopper. I suspect the latter may be audio related.

Anyways, I’ll keep trying. Thanks for your posting.

Define not starting. No solenoid click, cranks but won’t start, or what?

I read this post originally but stayed out of it since it sounded a bit suspect.
There are a number of possibilities but more info is needed before making a wild guess.
No idea what this 3 different security systems thing is all about but I would advise being careful about wire poking and bypassing as that can turn a minor glitch into a major one.

I don’t care if you post your Boy Scout Merit Badge Book,I don’t post security system info.