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Bypassing the theft system

The car is a 1996 Buick Skylark. The engine has about 100,000 miles but the rest of the car has about 220,000. In the past several months, the theft feature is keeping the engine from starting by shutting down the injectors 9 times out of every 10 tries. I have had a key shop check it out and they say the ignition system is not a passkey type. Is there a way to wire past the theft system so the d**n thing will start? It has a new battery and fires every time before the theft features makes it die.

Since there is the potential to give false information I am going to ask you to post what system you have. My best guess is PassLock II and there are numerous business’s that build PassLock II bypass systems. If you can’t tell what system you have just “google” PassLock II bypass" pick a company, contact their service dept and tell them make,model year and they will have a more accurate chart as to which system your car came with.

My primary mechanic guessed that the system is the Passlock II and figured a replace cost of $600. I went to the local key shop and the 30-year experienced owner says he stakes his reputation that there is no sensor inside the ignition and it is a plain old style key system. I will try your suggestion as it sounds very logical. Thanks.

It is a “plain old key” and the sensor is tagged to the back of the electrical section of the ignition switch