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Install push button start switch from ignition box wire's

I need to know what three wires to use to install a push button start switch from ignition box

I am really curious, why , what is wrong with the key system it already has ?

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It know longer exist

Wow! This looks like a disaster. Can you give us a history of how it got this way and why?

Nobody can help you because you don’t provide the year of your vehicle.

Also, the switch you install must function just like the ignition switch.

That is, the switch must allow the operation of the starter, and allow the engine to run once the engine starts,


Is this a theft recovery?

I wonder how many fuses and fusible links are burned out?

Cutting ignition switch harnesses and twisting wires together became a losing proposition for even the experienced crooks back in the 60s.

My truck is a 1999 ford explorer my husband cut the wires the engine will crank but will not catch so I’m wanting to install a push button just so I can move it

All my fuses are new and working

The switch I have is for that to start the truck but it don’t tell me which wires to connect and its a 1999 ford explorer

You might get the push button switch to operate the starter motor but for the engine to run and for other important electrical functions you will need to have all of the wire properly connected.

If you no longer have the connector you should purchase a replacement ignition switch connector with wiring, “pig tail”.

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“its a idiot recovery”

Can you please elaborate?

Did somebody try to steal the truck and cut all those wires?

Or did a shop cut all those wires, for some reason?

I suggest to repair the wiring, and restore it to the way that Ford built it

Check out this catalog. I believe the pigtail you need is WPT-577, on page 35. In the index, this is listed as the pigtail for the ignition switch. I highly suggest you go to your local Ford dealer, order that pigtail. The next step is getting a hold of the factory wiring diagram for your ignition switch. Then splice that pigtail into the existing harness, and assuming nothing else is buggered up, you should be able to start your truck in a normal fashion, without a push button

If the parts guy is feeling generous, he might print out a wiring diagram. A box of krispy kremes might help, because the parts guys usually don’t have a reason to look at wiring diagrams. That’s more for the mechanics

I have a 2000 Explorer, and I can tell you that just ‘hotwiring’ it like the old days will not work. Your truck has a security system in it that must read a code embedded in the key to send a signal to the engine control module that lets it know it is OK to start. Without that signal, the engine will do exactly as you say. The red ‘SECURITY’ light should also be blinking when this happens to let you know the computer is not seeing a proper signal. The chip reader is a coil inside the ignition switch, so if there is any damage to the switch, the coil may also be damaged and not able to read the key.

But, a push-button start or hotwiring will simply not work.

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You need to get a new connector to replace the one your husband cut off. If the connector doesn’t come with short lengths of different colored wires (pigtails) you can match to the ones cut off, then you will need a wiring diagram for your Explorer so you know which wire goes where.

An alternative is to find the connector on a junked Explorer and cut THAT connector off with 6-8 inches of wire. Re-connect color-to-color, SOLDER the wires or use good insulated crimp connectors.

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