If you own a Hyundai Santa Fe or Veloster

… Model Year 2017 or newer, and if your alloy wheels are delaminating, you should be aware of this Class Action lawsuit:

Is this a functional issue, or pure cosmetic?

Probably just cosmetic.

After all these years some manufacturers are still having clear coat problems.

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The reason I ask is b/c I notice one of the neighborhood cars in my area, a car with the wagon train spokes, it sports some pretty severe problems w/the spokes. I’m not sure if it is due to corrosion or the wheel is being run into curbs. If the latter, it isn’t b/c of one curb strike. It would have to be several. The spokes on that wheel are not in alignment w/each other and some of the spokes are considerably more narrow in spots than the other spokes on the wheel. The problem seems to only affect one of the 4 wheels. Personally, I wouldn’t drive a car with that sort of problem, at least at any speed beyond 25 mph.

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The link show that the base coat is peeling.