If you own a 2020 to 2023 Acura or Honda

… you may be getting a recall notice regarding a potentially very serious brake defect:


I heard a report on the radio news today (Thursday, 7.6.23) about a recall involving brake boosters, some sort of fastener failure. Maybe this is the same one?

I think that it is the same recall.

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Whew! We dodged a bullet on this one. One daughter has a 2019 CR-V and I another has a 2020 Pilot and neither is part of the recall.

Have to wonder if the problem is defective fasteners, or the fasteners are ok, but just not tightened correctly? If the latter, I wonder if robots do the tightening?

More than likely, that work is done by some type of robotic device. However, in a case like that, the actual problem lies with the person who programmed the robot. Ergo, a human-based error.

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There are other possibilities. The bolts are probably tightened to a minimum torque and the measuring device on the wrench motor might need calibration.

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