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Honda & Acura braking problem

I Saw That. Scary. Signs Of Things To Come.
Open The Pod-Bay Door, Hal.


I’m sorry Dave I can’t do that.

Better to have intermittant braking than non-braking. Think of how this all started. Either poor SUV design or failure to check tire pressure leads to roll overs, leads to stability control, leads to computer failures. Maybe just take it all out and check the tires.

" Maybe just take it all out and check the tires. "

I can think of 2 reasons that won’t work.
1 - It makes too much sense.
2 - It doesn’t accomplish any “dumbing down.” You gotta think “dumb down” for today’s car owner/operators.


@CSA - Safety features didn’t make us stupid. Stupidity caused car makers (and the government) to add safety features. I can think of two reasons why drivers won’t get smarter.
1- We don’t teach driving properly
2- There are more distractions than ever for drivers

Until our young people (and many older ones) understand that a car is a big killing machine over which we, under the best of circumstances, maintain modest control AND that driving is a privilege, not a right, we will continue to put less and less attentive drivers on the road with little understanding of the tenuous nature of control.

End of rant.