If you own a 2020-2022 Toyota or Lexus

… it might be included in this new recall:

That seems like a pretty minor problem on a practical basis, but it augers the future I expect. Reminds me of the time I witnessed a high-tech manager tell his staff, who were concerned too many changes in the product functional specification were being asked for at the last minute: “It’s only software.”…I expect you know how that turned out … lol !

Not to slightly change the subject but we have discussed traction control before. This winter in the little snow that we had, I experimented with “traction off” in the snow especially going up a hill. The car performed much better with it off and actually drove straight instead of heading the car for the curb.

So they might have a happy surprise if the system is off and works better.

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If Toyota doesn’t issue a recall after knowing that there is a traction control issue, they will set themselves up for one or more lawsuits when a failure occurs. Also recall the jaw dropping fine assessed by NHTSA for the unintended acceleration problem. NHTSA has a long enough memory to remember that when determining if another fine is appropriate. IMO Toyota is much too smart to go there again. It’s not possible to know the exact right time to issue a recall and doing it early rather than late may well save them money in the long run.


A great number of vehicles sold in recent years. 450,000 Hybrid SUVs/hybrid minivans sold in The United States during the last 30 months. All during the pandemic, chip shortage, supply chain issues, tornados, the death of Kirk Douglas, whatever you want to throw out there. People are buying expensive vehicles, with or without the mark-up.