If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

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The site would not let me not say anything. It’s not enough characters


I’ve been awfully quiet lately.

Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Teddy’s outspoken daughter, would have disagreed.
One of her more memorable quotations is:

If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.


I never thought Joel Osteen would say anything I agreed with. :laughing:


He’s an extremely successful businessman . . . yes, that’s exactly what he is. Primarily a businessman, being a pastor is secondary

When I was at the dealership, one of my colleagues was going to divinity school in the evenings. He made it clear to everybody . . . he hoped to someday be a fabulously rich pastor like Joel Osteen and others who are very prominent. He specifically said that was the main reason

I don’t think I stated anything unkind. I stated what I consider to be facts :neutral_face:

To keep it car related, does anybody know what kind of cars Osteen has? Does he even drive himself, or does he get chauffeured around?

@Barkydog, were you getting at something specifically with this discussion? I’m not really seeing the car relationship. But if you want to talk about Joel Osteen’s cars…be my guest. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh boy that hurts. I was in love with Kathy G. who was in my 5th grade Sunday School class. I don’t know what we were talking about but I can still hear her say “my dad says if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” and she looked at me. Then she moved to Iowa. Barky seems to have a sixth sense about stuff like this. Her dad drove a 59 Chevy wagon though which was nice.

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Nice touch, using Uncle Abe. Thanks for keeping it about cars @bscar2. Now I’m looking for a little poem by Ogden Nash.

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Osteen apparently doesn’t have much of a car collection. Instead he focuses his energy on his 17,000 square foot, $10m mansion. :wink:


I was debating on buying a new Mustang with stick shift, even though I’ve never drove stick before, but the 2018 models look like it might be favorable to get the 10 speed automatic.

Oh, I dunno. I’d consider his fleet of limousines to be a “car collection”. I’m probably applying the definition loosely, but not so loosely that I included his $65 million Gulfstream G650 jet airplane. Of his $10.5 million mansion.

To quote Joel himself,
“It’s God’s will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty.”

But I’m being nice. I’m not mentioning the fact that during the hurricane last year he locked his parsonage up tight and refused to let any displaced people who’d lost their homes take refuge there.


I’m no fan of Osteen, but his church was closed because it was not properly staffed to be a hurricane assistance spot, and the city had asked him not to open it until they could.
Houston had proper staffing, security, and resources in other locations, and those are the places they wanted folks in need to go. Houston was trying to keep the chaos that happened in New Orleans and the Super Dome from happening in their city.


… And somehow God will only act on His will if I send Joel Osteen money. Funny how that works. :wink:

Perhaps I should offer to send Osteen $1 and he can send me one of his limos. Then he can record it as a vehicle sale, and together we will have worked to bring about God’s will.


Blessed be the tchotchkes, and the OCD that made this person want to glue them to this car.

I’m not necessarily a fan of TV evangelists, although some shut in types like to watch. I will say that it is not an easy task to take in a thousand or so evacuees if you have ever tried to staff a mass relocation center. Its not just having a place to lay down but sanitation facilities, tons of food and preparation facilities, medical facilities and so on. It really needs to be planned and stocked way ahead of time. Lots of people with axes to grind taking the opportunity to zing. I’ve been really impressed with the Samaritan’s Purse though, not only for their immediate response, but also for their sticking around to help rebuild. They’ll take your money but no one gets on a work team without a background check.

Well, JC didn’t command his followers to help the poor when it was easy, and he didn’t preach Olsteen’s “prosperity gospel” either.

Does anyone know what kind of car Olsteen drives?

Here we go. “The poor will always be among us.” I’m sure he has a better car than I do but I’m sure I have a better car than some other people. Life is about equal opportunities not necessarily equal outcomes.

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Let’s not get side-tracked. I’m just saying the Bible is pretty clear about how JC thought the poor should be treated, and based on the New Testament, JC was not a fan of the so-called “prosperity gospel.”

We all know how you feel about the poor, and whether the government should be in the business of helping them. That’s why I’m sticking to what I can prove, and I can prove, easily, that JC was not a fan of the greedy, especially if you want to get into dueling Bible verses.

…and I’d still like to know what Olsteen drives. I tried googling it, but I get nothing.