If only this car was still available


You may have to magnify your screen in order to read the text.


The only problem I see where is a Nash or Hudson dealer where we could see one.

Looks like the Love Child of a Trabant and a Nash Metropolitan… with a grill only a mother could love!

Really, the “specs” read an awful lot like a Trabant…fiber and resin body with a 450cc engine that runs on paint thinner (and maybe some castor oil??)… pretty much the hallmark of the Trabbie.


… and, IIRC, this faux ad was produced by the fevered minds of the folks at Mad magazine.


The name Potrzebie is a tipoff as it was common in Mad back in the day.


I was going to ask The Onion produced it.

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If you wanted to move to Moscow, you could probably get on the list for one pretty similar. Don’t know how many rubles you’d need though.

I don’t think the Russians are still building that junk based on this…

Even the Ladas look pretty conventional.

Dang. Then we’re out of luck. Born too late. What about that 3 cyl. job? Don’t remember the name, just the story of the professor fleeing in one.

Must be thinking of the East German Wartburg or the Polish Syrena.

Or could be a Saab or DKW from western Europe.

With the edible steering wheel and the turnip shovel this car was ahead of its time. The 5 liter fuel bag is a nice feature, the owner can walk to a gas station after exceeding the 60 mile range and buy more gasoline.


If Mad didn’t copyright Potrzebie they should have, but this doesn’t look like Mad. I think the borrowed the word as a tribute.

Yeah that’s it. I was thinking wort something but got stuck on wurst or bologna.

Mad may have been the inspriation but it’s the work of an artist known as Cris Shapan, graphic artist who at least used to contribute to funny or die.


Doesn’t ring a bell but I usually didn’t get the magazine after about 1963. Usually couldn’t afford it so had to borrow a copy.

It appears you’re correct. Again, the name “Potrzebie” is a good tipoff of a spoof.

I must own one! I love my Schlump turnip excavator and the Potrzebie 30mm auto cannon!!

But, if I get hungry and eat my marzipan steering wheel, how available are replacements???

On a more serious note, while attending a parking lot car show in Arlington Heights, outside Chicago, two summers ago (a friend was showing his Corvette), we encountered an Russian grad student exhibiting a nicely maintained Lada, basically a Fiat license built in Russia with some components beefed up for rougher roads. He claimed they were okay cars and simple to work on.

When in high school a friend had a Lloyd 600 with a 2 cyl. engine set off to one side under the hood and peel off cloth top. It ran well but maxed out at 45mph and required a mile or two to reach that.