Oh, no! Now we won't be able to buy

… the Russian-made vehicles that we all were hankering for.

Russia has banned exports of auto equipment
Items include cars, railway carriages, and containers.


the front kind of looks like an old dodge van.

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But I always wanted a Moskvitch

dodged a bullet!

I know!
I had already narrowed my choices down to a Lexus or a Volga, so now I will just have to settle for a Lexus.


such a pity! A Volga would’ve looked just lovely in your driveway!!

I know. :pensive:

And, they are renowned for their superior passenger protection in the event of a crash!


I have decided that I simply MUST have a car that was manufactured in a totalitarian nation, even if it isn’t new.
No, this isn’t one of those highly-prized Russian vehicles, but North Korean cars don’t seem to be available, so I will have to settle for something that was made in Communist East Germany, instead.

So, I have been putting out feelers overseas for the purchase of a Trabant.
And, because I already decided to treat myself to a luxury car, the model that I want is the Trabant Limousine!



Bigger impact from shutting down the parts plants in Ukraine. No Porsches being made in Germany as a result. First the ship burned, now this.

I hear that the infotainment system in those are really simple to operate and pretty reliable.

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Very simple! And it’s hands-free!!


As the professor would say,. please compare and contrast.

But silly humans, think they will be riding and not walking?

Surely you jest.

Well…the infotainment system would be reliable. How could you break what probably doesn’t exist?

I wouldn’t think you’d have issues with that kazoo…or German crack pipe…whatever it was that Texases posted a pic of. :thinking:

Didn’t those awful little cars have a radio, so that one could listen to the constant Commie propaganda?
If they followed the example in George Orwell’s 1984, that stream of propaganda couldn’t be turned off.

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Yeah, maybe they did have a radio. I was just joking. You’ll probably only ever have to replace one speaker at least. That’s probably all they have.

Yes, but, I’m sure that it was a gem of high-fidelity. Didn’t Bose copy their technology?

Maybe a radio I dunno but Radio Free Europe was shut down so what’s left? Can’t believe you can mention the 1984 play book and not get flagged.

The BBC brought back shortwave : Why BBC Revived Shortwave Radio Dispatches in Ukraine - The New York Times

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