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Idled old truck

ok, just for a moment… truck talk, ok? 1979 ford f-150, 460 w/ 4bbl. Carb recently rebuilt by professional, but on cold mornings (in particular) runs rough even after a little warm (just like me), like the choke isn’t clicked or clacked (couldn’t resist) off. any ideas? can the choke flap and mechanism be gungked up, needs some cleaner applied? Best of the Season to one and all, Finsup

With a recent rebuild i would doubt it needs cleaning, press the pedal once of course to set the choke, pull the air filter and see if the plate is closed, once warmed up make sure it is totally open, I would not hesitate to check back with the carb guy and let him take care of it.

You need to watch the choke operation when the engine is cold.

Step the gas pedal. The choke should fully close. Start the engine. The choke should open slightly. That’s the primary choke pull-off. Step on the accelerator. The choke should open more and then close when accelerator is released. That’s the secondary choke pull-off.

Watch the choke as the engine warms up. The choke should fully open. That’s the thermal choke pull-off.

If the choke doesn’t function in this manner, then there’s a problem with the primary, secondary, or the thermal choke pull-off operation.