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Takes forever to start truck

I have to pump gas pedal to get started and rev engine for awhile so it doesn’t die. It takes awhile to start. Once started, it has no problem starting again even after a hours of being parked . Can you point me in right direction to fix slow start?

Engine size?

These answers will all help us understand better, and help us to help you. :slight_smile:

I sincerely hope that the truck is old enough to be pre-fuel-injection if you’re pumping the gas pedal. Maybe the problem is that it’s fuel injected and you shouldn’t be doing that.

I’ll echo @eddo’s request for more information, but first blush I would suspect that fuel is draining back out of the rail when it sits for long enough.

If your vehicle has an electric fuel pump, try this: Turn the key to on, not start. Wait till the whirring stops. Then turn it back off, and repeat the process a few times. Does it start right up?

I agree with Eddo above. Year, Make, model would be a big help.

It is a 1986 Ford f150 xlt. Did the key on and off test with no start. Wow. Just found out it wont start without gas pedal. Cranking, cranking, cranking, and than i barely press pedal and it starts.

So, throttle body injection? Have you replaced the fuel pump or fuel filter recently?
Edit: Carburetor!

The problem might be with the Idle Air Control valve.

The IAC valve allows air past the closed throttle plate under all idle conditions

If the IAC valve doesn’t allow air into the engine when attempting to start it, it’s not going to start.

As soon as you apply any throttle, it allows air into the engine and the engine fires right up.

One way to check for a faulty IAC valve is, with engine warm and idling, take the handle of a screwdriver and rap on the IAC valve.

If doing this causes the engine idle to change, the IAC valve is faulty.


That old 4-bbl carb could be seeing issues with ethanol in gas.

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No replacments lately. I collect all the vehicles my uncle abuses. He moves onto another vehicle and I keep and repair them.

I will check IAC.

Is that iac?

Investigated area within air filter. Throttle body? The flap that opens and closes was not even attached to it’s arm (thing that moves it up and down). Attached it and i still dont think it moves. closed the flap manually and it started up without gas pedal or dying.

That is the by-pass valve for the air injection system.

With the engine off and cold actuate the accelerator once and release, then check if the if the choke plate is closed on the carburetor.

Sounds like the choke plate was disconnected.

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The engine has a carburetor and isn’t fuel injected. So there is no IAC valve.

It sounds like a problem with the choke on the carburetor.


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Thanks for the replies. I will let it cool down and see if i can get it to start after i press accelerator once and check to see if choke plate closes.