Warm up stall

My 85 straight six stalls on warm up.Once its past this it runs fine all day.I have rebuilt carb(one barrel)replaced fuel pump,distributor ignition module,plugs, wires,worked over heat riser,tuned er’ up and runs good.Why does she still cut out andstall?

Is that a Chrysler product? First thing would be to make sure the choke is operating properly and that the choke pull off works. Chrysler used a type of a manifold heat sensor in some years. It looks like a penney on the manifold with wires going to it. I think it controled the choke or fuel mixture. Never worked worth a darn and needs to be thrown away if you have one.

I can’t remember the year but I think it was about 78 that my Mom had a Sebring. She’d drive it a few miles and it would stall on her. I rebuilt the carb and then did it again when it didn’t correct the problem. One night my BIL and I were scratching our heads trying to figure it out and spotted that thing. Disconnected it and it was fine thereafter. Just something to look for.

It’s a Ford F-150…